Best Japanese Alkaline Water Ionizer Brands in India

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Think about surviving without water for a minute.
Horrible! Right?

Water is one of the most essential resource for us to survive. Our body is made up of 70% of it. It is very important for a healthy body. But the type of water which we consume is also important.

Back then we were using regular tap water for our everyday activities. But then the concept of using anti-oxidant and ionized water water increases. As people became more and more aware about their health, the water purifying industry boomed. The athletes advertised them and also many fitness enthusiasts influence people to use it. Then alkaline ionized water became a thing.

I researched about them and find many health benefits. But I found many brands offering Japanese alkaline water ionizer. I did many research and gone through many amazon product reviews. Then after comparing many specifications, I purchased Fujiiryoki’s alkaline water ionizer. So, I thought I should also share my analysis regarding the best Japanese alkaline water ionizer brand in India.

Here I listed down some of the best Japanese alkaline water ionizer brands according to me.

  • Fujiiryoki Japanese alkaline water ionizer
  • Enagic Japanese alkaline water ionizer
  • IRayer Japanese alkaline water ionizer
  • Aqualka Japanese alkaline water ionizer
  • Bawell Japanese alkaline water ionizer


Fujiiryoki is known for manufacturing world-class health appliances for ages. They are committed to delivering a wholesome living experience with their peerless Japanese technology. Making their first step into the healthcare ionizers, they introduce it in the year 1989. With more than 30 years in the market, their Japanese water ionizers are as good as their brand image. Fujiiryoki provides two types of purifiers, HWP-55, and HWP-77. They offer you 10 types of waters with plenty of antioxidants. Having a pH range from 2.5–10.5, they provide the best range in the market. It is also having an advanced dynamic electrolytic tank with auto cleansing technology. The best thing about this ionizer is its hydrogen plus button. By pressing it, the dissolved amount of hydrogen in the water increases by more than 20%. It also comes with a long power cord. It not only cleans the water from impurities but also removes odors and residuals. With Fujiiryoki’s trust and durability of this product, this is one of the best choices for a Japanese alkaline water ionizer.


If you have searched from an alkaline water ionizer, you must have gone through Fujiiryoki. It is one of the widest searched Japanese alkaline water ionizers. It is being sold across the globe. Having the brand name kangen sticking to itself, it offers the best ionizers in the market. It is having varieties of ionizers like K8, SD501, SD501 platinum, 501 super, JRIV, R, SD501u, and DX. It is having 8 titanium plates with extra coated platinum on itself. It also comes with auto cleaning and smart filter technology. Its highly antioxidant water keeps your family’s health up to the mark. The best part about this Japanese alkaline water ionizer is its voice commanding option. It speaks more than 8 languages including Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, and English. It is also very environmentally friendly. It automatically shuts down on itself and when needed and consumes less amount of energy. It is one of the best choices for a Japanese alkaline water ionizer brand in India.


IRayer is one of the best Japanese alkaline water ionizer brands. Its capitative design adds extra elegance to your kitchen. It not only produces healthy natural antioxidants rich alkaline water but also comes with easy installation. It can be installed quickly in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere in your house. Its fresh and tempting water keeps you and your family healthy against many long term diseases. Its activated carbon purifying system automatically cleans itself with no need for replacement till 8,000 liters. It removes harmful microbes and pollutants without a filter change. It also reduces the ORP level and increases hydration. It is having Antioxidant potential from -800 to +500, which is almost the best-offered range in the market. Its pH range is between 3.0 to 11.0. It offers a world-class membrane with longevity and efficiency. It also comes with an LCD screen, which makes it easy to manage.


This is one of the best selling Japanese alkaline water ionizer brand. It sold many ionizers in the Indian market. The best part about this ionizer is that it comes with 11 membrane plates with an activated carbon purification technique. It offers a pH range of 2.8–11, making it the widest pH range ionizer in the Indian market. The best part about this ionizer is that it can go down to -800. It can filter up to 2000 gallons of water without even changing the filter. It also allows you to adjust the pH level manually with its built-in display. With the self-cleaning facility, all the plates auto cleans themselves, without instruction. Its inlet water temperature should be lower than 113 Fahrenheit.


Bawell is also one of the best Japanese alkaline water ionizer brands in India. They offer many varieties of ionizers in the market. Their best selling products are BW6000 and Platinum. They both offer a great quality of water, keeping you and your family’s health shielded. They have platinum-coated titanium plates with a storage capacity of 20L. They use aluminum in their material to keep it light and durable. The best thing about their water ionizer is that they use 2 filters instead of 1, so if one filter malfunctions, the other one can easily remove the impurities from the water. They can purify more than 1300+ gallons without change and have long-lasting effects.

So, here this list ends.

Hope you like this article about Japanese alkaline water ionizer brands in India. Do share your reviews about how this helped you in making your purchase. HAPPY SHOPPING.



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