Easy Hacks to Keep Your Bathroom Clean & Dry

Easy Hacks to Keep Your Bathroom Clean & Dry
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Dry & clean bathrooms are a modern norm nowadays to prevent accidents and keep the bathroom germ-free.

In the current situation of COVID, bathroom cleaning has become essential. Wet bathrooms increase the growth & spread of germs, and so you people must be aware of the importance of dry bathrooms.

Let’s have a look at the major reasons to maintain the dry bathroom:

  • When you have children and aged people around, the wet bathroom can become a safety hazard. They can easily slip or skid, and that can cause some serious injuries. That’s why you should keep the bathroom floor dry.
  • If your bathroom is always wet, you may notice some mould and mildew forming in the corners, which can spread germs. So, from a safety perspective also it is better to keep your bathroom floor dry.
  • Water accumulation also leaves permanent stains on the floors and diminishes the shine of the faucets.
  • The wet bathroom floors also negatively affect the overall appeal of the bathroom.
  • Last but certainly not least, the nauseating damp smell of a wet bathroom can mark a negative impression on the guests.

How to Keep Bathroom Dry?

Now that you know the benefits of keeping your bathroom floors dry, let’s have a look at how to clean the bathroom floor tiles.

1-Adequate Ventilation:

When you want to keep your bathroom dry, the first and the foremost thing you need to tackle is ventilation. Your bathroom needs to have adequate ventilation so that there is constant airflow; it prevents the damp and muddy smell. So, invest in a top-notch ventilation fan.

2- Water-Resistant Tiles:

Tiles hold great importance in keeping the bathroom dry and clean. So, make sure that the tiles you are selecting are moisture-resistant and are also anti-skid bathroom tiles-it will make your job much easier. Doing so will decrease the chances of skids or slips, and the elderly & kids can easily use the bathroom without any risk.

Easy Hacks to Keep Your Bathroom Clean & Dry
Water-Resistant Tiles

3- Separate Dry & Wet Areas:

You need to adopt a wet & dry bathroom design and bifurcate the areas accordingly. You can install the shower enclosure surrounding the shower area, it will prevent the water from splashing everywhere. So, if you want to keep your bathroom dry and clean then installing a shower enclosure is the best alternative.

4- Effective Cleaning Products:

Another best way to keep your bathroom floors dry is to use the right cleaning products. Avoid buying cheap quality products, as much as possible, as they will not only make your bathroom look unclean but also leave permanent stains on the floor and the faucets.

Easy Hacks to Keep Your Bathroom Clean & Dry

5- Proper Cleaning Technique:

Finally, the last tip is the use the proper cleaning technique. Use cleaning tools like steam mops, grout cleaners, or vacuum cleaners to get rid of hairs and debris, and stains. It will make your bath space sparkling clean and dry.

So, here you have it- easy hacks to keep your bathroom clean and dry. Along with all these, make sure that you install the best bathroom fittings & fixtures like from- AGL Bathware, as they also play a great role in providing the ultimate bathroom experience. Also, most importantly, use anti-skid bathroom tiles.

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