How to Decorate Home With Black Tiles?

Aarohi Ahuja
4 min readJan 22, 2021
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In India, we do not think that black tiles can add a wow factor to our home, and so we stay far away from them, but we couldn’t be far away from the truth. Black titles are the epitome of charm, elegance, and style that can bring an awe factor to any room. In this article, I’ll break all the misconceptions about black tiles, and then we’ll discuss how you can add black tiles to your home.

There is no better colour than black, and I know many will agree with me on this. The colour black is the colour of mystery, and it is the most beautiful description of it.

You add the black accents in your home as well; because when used properly it can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. Many renowned designers believe that adding black accents to a room can anchor a room with a distinct and intense statement. Add black decor pieces or black floor or wall tiles, or paint your wall black; it will completely change the vibe of the room.

I know that it is challenging to make black tiles work in your space, so I’ll try to answer the most common question about it, and hopefully, it will help you with your turmoil.

Without wasting any more time, let’s dive right in.

Do Black Tiles Often Get Dirty??

Well yes, every small smudge will show up on black tiles, and maintaining them does need some work, but they are easy to clean. Here’s a simple method you can use to clean up the black tiles.

· First of all, take a spray bottle and fill it up with an equal ratio of water & vinegar.

· Now add a few drops of liquid soap & shake it well.

· Spray the surface liberally with this mixture.

· Mop the floor with a microfiber mop, and voila, your black floor tiles are sparkling clean.

What Colour Grout Goes With Black Tiles??

Almost all colour grout goes well with black titles; it actually depends on your preference. If you want your tile pattern to stand out and create even more interest- then go for lighter grout. And if you want to create a softer look- then go for black or grey grout. The same applies to the black tiles for walls.

Does a Dark Floor Close off the Room??

Well, you might be surprised to know that black glossy tiles help to make your room look bigger. Dark black floors give the illusion of open space and feel inviting. But you have to be careful; do not overdo it.

Either go for a black floor or black walls. If you are going for Black floor tiles, you should go for a lighter colour on the wall, and if you are going for a black wall, go for lighter floors.

Where Can I Install Black Tiles??

Black Tiles in Bathroom: If you are not ready to commit to the black tiles but are intrigued by them, you can start small and install them in the bathroom. When you are adding black tiles in the bathroom, and your bathroom is small, install small black bathroom floor tiles on the wall or floor like the one below.

Black Tiles in Kitchen: Black tiles in the kitchen are quite unconventional, but trust me, if you are bold enough to do it, there is nothing more beautiful than that. You add a black backsplash or countertop or even cabinets.

Black Tiles in Bedroom: Black tiles in the bedroom will give you a luxurious feel every time you enter it. Warm decor, bronze lightning, crystal scones add all these, and it will create an intimate feel to the room.

Black Tiles in Living Room: Adding black tiles into the living room will look spectacular and modern, and if you do, please share the pics; I would love to see my dream become a reality.

Embrace the dark side with black designer tiles by AGL; they have some of the most beautiful black tiles. Their tiles the perfect combination of masculine color with the most delicate feminine details, which is best for almost every room.



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