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Do you want to create an accent wall in your home but not sure which accent wall ideas are trending in India right now?? Well then, you have come to the right place; in this article, we’ll discuss few ideas that you can use to design the accent wall in your home.

Adding accent wall tiles is the most simplistic way to highlight a wall in your house, be it an interior or exterior wall.

A creative accent wall is an excellent idea to create a focal point in your room. It is one of the most artistic ways to give your home a huge dose of design.

What is Accent Wall??

An accent wall or a feature wall is an interior or an exterior wall; whose style and colour vary from the rest of the walls. You do not have to worry much about it. You can simply paint the accent wall with some different bold colours and add some accent wall decor to complete the wall. Or you can some character to the wall by adding accent wall tiles.

It is a smart way of breaking off the boring pattern created by the other wall of the same room. The main goal behind having an accent wall in a room is to accentuate the aesthetics of the room.

Why Choose Accent Tiles??

An accent tile adds a distinctive character to any room, transforming it from a bland and boring room into a work of art without any hassle. Accent tiles are themselves little art pieces, which can be installed on your accent wall to emphasize the wall.

They are affordable and low maintenance, making them the best accent wall design if you have kids. And if used properly, they can also make your room look and feel bigger.

You can transform your ordinary room into a glamourous one by just adding accent wall tiles.

Now that we understand the importance of adding accent tiles in Indian homes, let’s have a look at the accent wall design ideas.

Accent Wall Design Ideas

Exposed Brick Wall:

If you want to add an old rustic charm to your room, then these exposed brick tiles should be your first choice. Brick tiles are the best if you want to add an accent wall in the living room. These brick looking tiles are not as bulky and heavy as the real brick and give the same warm feeling like the real one. These warm colours and brick accent tile texture will make your room homey and pleasant for the housemates.

Rustic Wooden Planks:

Wooden planks are one of the noblest materials you can use to design an accent wall. It is our favourite product to be used as an accent wall texture. Its authentic colour, texture, grain, and figure give them a rustic look that we all love and adore. You can use these wood flooring planks to make an accent wall for your living room or bedroom.

Ledger Stone Tiles:

These ledger stone tiles add the perfect amount of drama for highlighting any particular wall of the house. They are strong, subtle, low maintenance, and easy to install, and that makes them the ideal choice for creating an accent wall. You can either choose the light & bright colour stone tiles to blend in better with the interior. Or you can go for dark & dramatic stone tiles to make a bold statement.

Mosaic Tiles:

If you want to make the wall stand out, that would otherwise fade in the background, then we would recommend you go for Mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are usually small tiles with an intricate and unique design that will make an outstanding accent wall. They are a terrific option for creating a bathroom accent wall. Adding glass mosaic tiles will not only emphasize the wall, but it will also make the room feel bigger and brighter.

Artistic Tiles:

Upgrade your room by adding these artistic wall tiles by AGL. These unique tiles will add colour and charismatic appeal to any room, making it the focal point. The whimsical artistic tiles are currently trending in India because of their beautiful and dynamic designs. I would suggest you to consider this option while selecting the Accent wall tiles.

If you have decided to add an accent wall in your home, check out the AGL Tile Catalogue, you will surely find something you will like.



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