The Classic Black & White Tile Design Ideas for Floor & Wall

From kitchen to bathroom, hallways to the bedroom, the classic black and white tile combination are timeless that works in just about any room of the house. Are you skeptical about that?? Well, then this post will show you how beautiful the black & white tile combination can look in your home.

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4 min readMar 26, 2021
The Classic Black & White Tile Design Ideas for Floor & Wall
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As the world-renowned fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld put it, “Black & White Always Looks Modern,” and no one can deny that.

The black & white combination has never gone off-trend- it is the perfect combination of unique and modern with a hint of classic and vintage. And so, the black & white tile designs are rocking even in 2021. The classic, timeless & chic black & white colour combination is now a must-have in minimalist’s homes.

In fashion, they say- when in doubt, wear black & white, but I say- when in doubt, tile it black and white.

Have a look at some black-and-white tile design collections that you’ll see in the market this year.

Classic Black & White:

The classic black & white cube tiles are a timeless investment and a feature, which will surely wow your guests. For a grand and sophisticated entrance, why not make a stunning first impression with these black and white checkered tiles in your hallway? These tiles can make a simple & classic accent wall that will look contemporary for ages to come. You can also install them as a kitchen backsplash or even in the shower area of the bathroom. These Marble Black tiles by AGL are the perfect tile if you are looking for the classic of classics.

Classic Black & White tiles
Marble Black Tile

Bold Black & White Terrazzo:

If you want to make a bold statement, there is no better alternative than Black & White Terrazzo tiles. These black & white floor tiles will make all the other tiles pale in comparison. Terrazzo tiles are not only affordable but, are also eco-friendly, so if you are an environment enthusiast, then you should definitely check out these Black Rose tiles.

Bold Black & White Terrazzo tiles
Black Rose Tile

Moroccan Inspiration:

Moroccan tiles have intricate designs with loads of different colours, but this Cityart Decor has replaced the standard multi-coloured versions with a sophisticated new take in black, white, and grey. These black and white patterned wall tiles make the traditional Moroccan style tiles more suitable for lovers of modern & minimalist design. The black & white Moroccan kitchen tiles have revolutionized the look and feel of many homes, including their kitchens & bathrooms.

Moroccan Inspiration tiles
Moroccan tiles

Timeless Yet Trendy:

The ultimate simple yet trendy tiles are the new normal in the tile industry. The Startelo White is a new black & white tile pattern with both contemporary and vintage features. For all the minimalists out there, I’ve found the perfect tiles for you that will look absolutely fantastic in your kitchen or even in your bathroom- The black & white backsplash tile.

Timeless Yet Trendy tiles
Startelo White Tile

Geometric Illusion:

The Diamond White tile by AGL Tiles has a mind-bending visual illusion that’s perfect for smaller bathrooms. Bold and stylish, this tile is a great option as black & white tile for bathroom flooring or an accent wall, although you might want to go easy on it because of the geometrical illusion.

Geometric Illusion tiles
Diamond White Tile

And if you want to easy, there are always marble-looking tiles with black veins that are both subtle and timeless. I hope that this post helped in finding the best black & white tiles for your home makeover project.




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