Tiles That Are Ideal for Balconies

In this article, we’ll see how you can design your balcony using some of the best balcony tiles on the market.

Aarohi Ahuja
3 min readAug 6, 2021

A home’s balcony is the third most popular feature, behind the bedroom, where we can rest after a long day, and the kitchen, where we can prepare wonderful food. Relaxing on the balcony after a tiring day and just enjoying the view is a great way of unwinding, and its design should also be comfortable and pleasing. In this article, we’ll see how you can design your balcony using some of the best balcony tiles on the market.

Our love for balcony design stems from the fact that a little area may serve as a pleasant sanctuary in any house. With the right balcony tiles design and flooring, even a tiny balcony can be converted into a tranquil retreat, a lush garden, or a fun entertainment zone. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, tiles serve a key part in a space’s functionality.

However, the balcony’s basic design must be carefully examined, regardless of its use. For safety and security reasons, a balcony railing is a must-have. The same is true for balcony tiles. Safety is the biggest concern when it comes to outdoor tiles, especially on balconies in apartments. To prevent accidents, balcony tiles should be designed to prevent skiing or sliding, which can lead to serious damage or death. While staying attractive and matching your intended aesthetic for space, you want your balcony tiles to be able to withstand external temperatures and weather conditions.

Let’s have a look at some amazing balcony wall tile and balcony floor tile ideas that may completely transform the look of the little space.

Porcelain Tiles:

Porcelain balcony tiles are among the most contemporary outdoor floor tile alternatives on the market. They’re great for balcony floor tile design ideas. These balcony tiles are frequently utilised and easily accessible on the market. When compared to ceramic tiles, porcelain balcony tiles are thicker and more robust. Because these tiles are non-porous, they are a great choice for outdoor spaces that are subjected to severe rain during the monsoon season. Because of the matt surface of these tiles, the flooring is non-slip. These are available in a variety of colours and are simple to care for.

Vitrified Tiles:

Vitrified tiles are another popular form of balcony tile. These tiles have a classic glazed look and may be used to create both functional and attractive balcony tile designs. Vitrified balcony tiles are also popular among homeowners because they are strong and long-lasting, stain and scratch-resistant, and available in a variety of designs and sizes. The Marmara Grey vitrified tiles by AGL Tiles are one of a kind and complement all forms of home decor.

Natural Stone Tiles:

There’s a reason they’re regarded as classics! Stone balcony tiles appear more natural in an outdoor setting, which is why many people select them for their balcony floors. Natural stone balcony tiles, like natural stones, keep you cool throughout the summer months, allowing you to stay cool on a hot day.

Moroccan Tiles:

Did you think Moroccan tiles were only seen in kitchens? Think about it again. These balcony tiles, with their delicate designs and vibrant colours, may turn your balcony flooring into a piece of art. Moroccan tiles are fantastic balcony tile design options that are also quite appealing. These patterned balcony tiles are available in a variety of designs, themes, and colour combinations. Such balcony tiles provide beauty and originality to every space, even balconies.

Terracotta Tiles:

Terracotta balcony tiles add an earthy warmth to the outside space. The weathered look of these reddish-brown tiles has an earthy appeal that complements the flora outdoors wonderfully. Terracotta balcony tiles are highly porous; thus, for long-term durability, treat them with penetrative sealants to protect them against stains, moisture absorption, dampness, and fungal development.


If you want to make your balcony seem amazing while still being functional, use AGL’s balcony tiles, which can be found under the outdoor/parking tiles category and are colourful, vibrant, and extremely functional!



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