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Kitchen designs have changed quite a lot in the past few years, and so it is important to stay up-to-date with those trends while remodelling your kitchen. In this article, we’ll learn about all the 2021 kitchen design trends, which are classic.

2020 has made us all realize the value of our home, and more importantly, of the kitchen. When all the cafes and restaurants were closed, the kitchen became our base to cook delicious food that might sate out cravings.

And that encouraged many homeowners to renovate their special retreat and make it more functional & visually appealing. And I’m predicting that the year 2021 will be all about making our home’s command centre being sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in and have a look at the 2021 kitchen design trends.

1- Swoon-worthy Floorings:

Tiles are not just for backsplash anymore!!

When you are remodelling your kitchen, you should start with the flooring and design the whole kitchen around it. Check out AGL tiles, they have quite a collection and you will surely find something that you like. In 2021 we can see a twist in Kitchen floorings. They will no longer be plain, boring, and blend into the background; they will stand out to create a focal point.

Wood looking tiles, marbles, and quirky tile designs will trend in 2021. They all will add a unique element to your room, and they are also durable, attractive, and stain-resistant. Moreover, they will also add value to your home.

2- All the Way to Ceiling Backsplashes:

Backsplash generally adds the focal point to the kitchen, and all the other decor pieces are placed, keeping it in mind. In 2021, we’ll expect to see the hike in countertop to ceiling backsplashes. It will make your room appear bigger.

Backsplashes really shine in a modern kitchen, and adding the countertop to ceiling backsplash will have a visually appealing contemporary look all the way to the ceiling. You just have to take a seat and take in the stunning wall ahead of you.

3- Quality Quartz Countertops:

You will spend a substantial amount of time on countertops, and so they should be perfect. One thing you should splurge on more is the Kitchen countertop. In 2021, we can see the waterfall countertops and even countertops wrapping around the counters.

It will create continuity, and that will enhance the space and blend everything better with everything else. You should add marble-like quartz counters in white, grey, or any other neutral hues.

4- Faucet Fashion:

Small things can make a big impact!! A faucet is that small thing that will make a substantial impact on your kitchen’s decor. And faucets are probably the one thing we noticed the most while washing our hands in the last year.

In 2021, we can expect to see touch-free faucets. Make sure to select the matte or brushed finish faucets that are easy to clean and do not show fingerprints; it will make your job much easier. Because it is all about convenience, right?

5- Clean Lined Cabinets:

The most popular aesthetics for the 2021 kitchens is the minimalist cabinet designs. Clean-lined, nearly seamless with minimal hardware and all the way to the ceiling cabinets is a way to go in this year.

You have to make sure that you have the maximum storage available. Add on a pantry and try to hide the appliances in the cabinets to create a minimalist look.

2021 kitchen trends are here to stay, so make sure to consider all these before you remodel your kitchen.

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