Types of Washbasins on the Market in India

Bathrooms are among the most relaxing places in the home. They provide a much-needed time to relax and take a soothing bath. Washbasins are one of the most important yet often ignored components in a bathroom. However, as many types of washbasins are available in the Indian market, it can be challenging to choose the one for your bathroom. So, in this article, we’ll learn about various types of washbasin and which one is perfect for you.

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A functional, long-lasting, and visually attractive washbasin completes any bathroom. It complements the design and thematic approach of the other bathroom decorations and fittings, making the area seem more welcome. Although washbasins are a small aspect of the home, a poor decision can disrupt the entire mood. Nowadays, there are practically hundreds of various types of washbasin alternatives available, making it much more difficult to pick one. It all depends on where it will be installed and what purpose it will serve, as well as the sort of people who will use it and, most importantly, what you are looking for.

To assume that picking the proper sort of washbasins takes knowledge and expertise would be naïve at the very least. In reality, if you remember the essentials, it’s a straightforward procedure. Washbasins are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, let’s have a look at a different types of washbasins:

Counter Top Washbasin

They are a popular choice for modern or minimalistic bathroom decor. Installed on top of a worktop or shelf, the sink mixer is usually used in conjunction with a tall basin tap or wall-mounted basin faucet. They are not developed for a specific purpose, such as saving space or fitting into a corner, thus they are available in a broad range of forms, sizes, finishes, and patterns. Since they are self-rimming and easy to install, they are a popular choice among homeowners. Luxurious bathrooms often have granite or marble countertops, which are a popular choice.

Full Pedestal Washbasin

As the wash basin’s stand, the pedestal acts as a support. Basins with pedestals can be purchased individually or as part of a set, which comprises a basin and pedestal that can be removed. Those who want a designer basin may opt for a single-unit sink and pedestal. Themes and concepts are appealing and modern in nature. In guest bathrooms and powder rooms with limited space, pedestal washbasins are frequently the most popular choice. This is due to their distinctive smoothness, which creates the illusion of a larger space, enhancing user attraction.

Half Pedestal Washbasin

These basins are connected to the wall with a pedestal that hides the plumbing lines. Like a wall-mounted toilet, these basins provide the illusion of more space and are excellent for small bathrooms. You may use the extra floor space beneath these basins for storage or to create the illusion of a greater room. Wall-mounted washbasins with half pedestals are designed to give the most efficient use for their size.

Wall-Mounted Washbasin

Using wall-mounted basins when building a new bathroom can help you conserve space and make the most of your available space. Bathrooms with floating shelves look bigger and are less congested since they don’t touch the floor. With wall-mounted basins, a chrome bottle trap or a matching white ceramic semi-pedestal are often incorporated. As a result, the latter has become increasingly popular, as it is easier to clean than a polished chrome bottle trap while still offering a stunning wall-mounted look.

Corner Washbasin

Designed to fit into a right-angle corner in virtually any area, the corner basin gets its name from its design. When the only available area is in a room corner, they are ideal for cloakrooms or tiny bathrooms. Available in both wall-mounted and floor-standing versions, the corner basin is a useful, but affordable addition to your bathroom area. Especially in bathrooms, corners are rarely used.

Under-Mount Washbasin

Your counter’s edge usually covers the rim of the sink’s body when you install an under-mount basin. It’s a bit more difficult to install sinks that are drilled into the counter construction than sinks that may be put into a slot. Modern, easy-to-clean washbasins are the most popular choice for homes. It’s easy to clean because they don’t have rims that gather dirt.

Choosing the right washbasin starts with understanding the user’s goals and needs. AGL Bathware can help you with that. Choosing the right washbasin for your bathroom is easy when you have a clear goal in mind.



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