What Makes Indian Tile Industry Better Than Chinese Tile Industry??

India and China have been two key players in the global tile industry, but which one is doing better than the other?? In this post, we’ll take a look at what makes the Indian tile industry better than the Chinese tile industry with a comprehensive discussion of the two industries.

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3 min readApr 15, 2021
Indian Tile Industry vs  Chinese Tile Industry
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With China’s brewing trade war with the US amid the corona pandemic, we’ve realized that relying on Chinese imports is not the smartest choice for any tile requirements in the near future. And because of that, the tile trade has shown a downward trend in that statistics and had has opened up the market for players other than China. This, of course, has allowed the Indian tile industry to grow.

However, this is not the only factor responsible for the rise of Indian tile trending in the domestic and global market, but it is also the result of improvements in the domestic production quality in the tile market.

Here, we’ll be comparing the Indian and Chinese Tiles based on different perspectives to show how the Indian Tiles are best.

What Makes Indian Tile Industry Better?


The Indian ceramic industry has a low-cost manufacturing and a low labour cost with its massive labour market, which makes Indian tiles more economic than they have been. On the other hand, the high US tariffs & overall higher prices in China make the cost of Chinese tiles quite high. We can expect that the scenario will only be improving for the Indian tile.


One of the most important factors that have contributed to the exponential demand for the Indian tile is the quality of the tile. With the current statistics and reports, it is safe to say that the Indian tile market has been more inclined towards the production of quality products. Well-known tile manufacturing companies in India like AGL Tiles are focusing on producing more quality than the quantity of the products; the factor which was an advantage for the Chinese.


Indian tile manufacturers are focusing on delivering the most aesthetically pleasing tile as opposed to the Chinese analogues. The Indian industry better understands the global trends and the needs and compliments the culture of a region better than most tile manufacturers of the world. The huge variety of design options available by Indian tile manufacturers like AGL Tiles gives us a superiority factor over the competition in both the Indian and International markets.


One of the worst things about the mass-produced Chinese tile is its low quality, fragile, bent, more prone to climatic changes and moisture retentions, irregular size, and colour of the tiles. Moreover, one of the greatest complaints is the difficulty in cutting these tiles clean and installing them. On the other hand, the Indian tile producers are producing durable tiles that meet international requirements.


When it comes to importing tiles, a sensible importer always takes the logistic aspect into consideration. India has been exporting tiles all around the world hassle-free. Some tile exporters in India, like AGL Tiles export to more than 100 countries like Europe, Africa, America, etc. And so Indian tile manufacturers are in high due to their logistical advantages in these regions.

Final Thoughts:

Over the last few years, Indian tile manufacturing companies have evolved because of the competition faced amongst South Asian giants. Indian tile manufacturers have adopted the standards of the international tile market and have gained a thorough understanding of the global market. Currently, India has world-class tile producers and exporters of world-class tile, and with every passing phase, it is only adding up towards the goal of being the global leader, and companies like AGL Tiles are playing a major role in that.



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